It usually take 10 to 15 days, however there are ready to ship designs
available, information available on the website and can be shipped in 7
to 9 working days.

The ways of customizations are we can do a virtual video call. You can
also send us a note, a voice message note or a drawing, what exactly
you are looking for. If the aesthetics of the brand is similar, we are happy
to customize it.

There will be charges if there is an Extra Dupatta or Any add on Work this is complete based on orders and customization Involved.

No, there is no return policy, but yes, in case there is any damage, the
quality check team of Punit Balana will go through the product that if the
mistake was from us, for an example, if there is any texture or if there is
any color or if there is any, any sort of embroidery issue, then the brand
will take care of it. However, we don't return any sort of product. We are
happy to customize and fix it if there is any damage, but also if we get an
approval from the quality check team. If there is any fitting issues the
team of Punit Balana will connect you to have your virtual
measurements. Colors are mostly available when the collection is
launched. However, we are happy to share the color chart and if that
color is doable in the particular correction, yes, we can do the colors.
You can talk to the designer only if you are booked for your personal
appointment with the designer. You can personally see the designer if

he is in town or you have already booked your time and you've asked
him that you are visiting, then he's happy to assist you guys. Virtual calls
are available Kindly connect our customer support team to schedule the same.
One of the team members will get back to you with all your questions
and will help you in whatever best possible capacity they have.

For measurements, we send the measurement chart, we send the video
on how to take the measurement and Punit Balana team is also
available to take a virtual measurement Punit is also happy to send
you a handwritten note, but while placing an order it's in request to kindly
mention that yes, this is for a special day and you would like a
handwritten note or a signature, the team will take care that yes, it's
delivered as per your request

We do provide a color chart, and if your desired color is feasible for the
particular item, we can accommodate your color preferences. Availability
may vary depending on the collection.

The Designer is available for Personal and In person Appointments .Kindly connect with customer care Team to scheduled the same. Virtual calls can also be arranged with a booking made at least 24
hours in advance. Our team will contact you to answer your questions
and assist to the best of their abilities.