about us

Hailing from Bikaner, and based in Jaipur, Punit Balana carries the essence of Rajasthan with him in every endeavour

founder's story

about punit

Punit recognised that fashion and design was his metier at a young age. Consequently,

the self-taught designer immersed himself in the pursuit of mastering the techniques of Jaipur’s indigenous crafts since 2001.

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  • Sustainable
  • Handcrafted
  • Homegrown

ethical is beautiful

A deep association with skilled Rajasthani artisans and the spirit of collaboration propels Punit to create pieces that are intrinsically Indian, with an inimitable contemporary feel, meant for everyone.

our journey

Punit Balana is, at its core, a Jaipur-proud label. This informs everything we do.

Through every weave and print, the reverence for Rajasthani’s craft legacy shines through.

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The Art

Jaipur is a rare gem where artistry and craftsmanship resides in the very bones of the city. From the sprawling majesty of regal mahals

to the intricate jaalis that adorn our buildings, Punit Balana represents these unforgettable elements of Rajasthan in every weave and stitch.

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rooted in classics


The kediyu is a garment worn by men in the rural coastal parts of western Gujarat, including Junagadh district. The kediyu is a long sleeved upper garment, pleated at the chest, which reaches to the waist.

revival of crafts

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