An aesthetic fusion of

modernism &

Indian culture.


Punit Balana

As an individual, Punit Balana knew from day one that he was meant for the arts. That he’s from Jaipur, Rajasthan is an added advantage. As a brand, Punit Balana draws inspiration from our rich heritage, the philosophies of culture and the voices from our history. The aim is to leave behind a green legacy through design, to reduce our carbon footprint on the very earth we stand on.

Over the years, we have established our affinity towards conscious choices. The world that we live in is depleting and there are no two thoughts about it. As a brand, we aim for sustainability, not just in our products but also in our practices. Fashion plays a very important role in our lives in general, and at Punit Balana, we want to ensure that this important role is not just governed by frivolous choices, but rather by considered and conscious ones.



Punit Balana believes that fashion is a very important part of our lives. Even the clothes that we like the least from our wardrobes say a lot about the choices we make, in terms of fashion. Fashion is uplifting, empowering and provides a sense of who we are as individuals. We aim to provide all of this and more to people through our designs, while making sure that the people who make your clothes are as empowered, self assured as we want you to be.



Combining modernism, minimalism & aestheticism, Punit Balana brings to you the rootedness of Indian culture. A lot of the inspiration for the brand comes from the local arts of Jaipur and Rajasthan as a whole, whether it's block printing, Rabari, zardozi. Our core beliefs are sustainability and the fact we need to make conscious choices, that we need to make the earth a better place to live in, for ourselves and generations to come. The choices we make as a brand always align with our beliefs, and whatever techniques we use, in terms of dyeing, printing and more are conscious and natural techniques.



Every single day, we make a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint, and so we make sure that we make utmost use of our history, learn from techniques our ancestors mastered in to keep our heritage intact. Because if we don't have our roots, what does one have?

Conscious Choices

On most days, design is at the forefront of change. At Punit Balana, our philosophy is to always make conscious choices so as to reduce our carbon footprint on the earth. Every single outfit you buy has elements that have been thought through and contribute towards a sustainable tomorrow.

Modernism and aestheticism play a very important role in building the philosophies of the brand and the boundaries we don't put ourselves within. At Punit Balana, we strongly draw from movements in art, and take cultural influences from the rich Rajasthani culture we're a part of to create for you not just outfits, but experiences.


Our guiding

Movement and proportion are the core of the design philosophy of the brand of Punit Balana and through the space we have tried to concretize this essence. This unidirectional approach with the application of textured concrete throughout allows for a free flow via its undulating surface, which is unevenly consistent.

Just as the brands design aesthetic is a return to the fundamentals of natural material and a yet a progression of form, so is the store. Concrete, wood and metal are used in unusual ways creating a space that is as once fluid, seamless and curved. The tactile nature of the space highlights the set apart nature of the brand, a respect of simplicity without being simple.

As Punit designs not just for an idealized patron, rather a feeling, so does the space; hoping to evoke wonder and curiousity. This intention is manifested is right as one walks towards the storr, from the treatment of the brands new logo, onto the “window” - which is used as the antithesis of a typical retail window. Rather obscuring the perspective of any passers by allowing privacy within a city of eyes.